About myself

My interest in nonduality begun in 1979, when I read about Maharishi’s Unified Field of Consciousness and Energy and I was fascinated with the possibility of being all part in the same and sole manifestation of existence. So I started studying and researching more abut such vision, seeking the truth about the ultimate nature of reality both in Eastern and Western traditions.

Since I noticed that the distance of Eastern teachings from the Western cultures, archetypes and religions was often making their content difficult to assimilate to westerneers, I looked for the non-dualistic vision mainly in Western philosophical currents, from Neo Platonism to the New Thought and the contemporary unitarian currents of thought, and in Christian mysticism, aknowledging their efforts to cultivate and promote a vision that seems to challenge the typical materialism so diffused in Western societies. In 2014 I published a book about the great Renaissance philosopher Nicholas of Cuse's nonduality vision.


I then decided to teach the principles of nonduality and to accompany other researchers along their path to develop their awareness of reality being one only. Many years of study, practice, experience and direct encounters with other important teachers (the one with Francis Lucille, a pupil of Jean Klein, boosted my understanding of the basic principles about nonduality) have made possible to develop a unique approach to nonduality teaching, specifically suited to the Western context.

I currently manage the blog, which is the largest Italian online nonduality quotes database. I give lectures, run classes, and offer individual sessions where I teach my unique method to reach a non-dualistic awareness through the use of colors, also described in the book Understanding nonduality through color.

Recently I started the One Self nonduality hub project with the mission to influence the evolution of collective consciousness in a non-dualistic sense.