The greatest revolution for humanity
is the awareness of the non-dual nature of reality

How would human history be, if the collective consciousness were imbued with the awareness that reality is one only, and that we are all part in its unitary manifestation? What social, economic, and cultural models would consequently develop? What changes would occur in our individual life, in our relationships, in our thoughts and inner feelings?

How can we then shift from a vision of reality based on the belief of it being dual and that all its parts are separate, to a non-dualistic and unitary one? This transformation is a gradual restructuring of our cognitive system; our ignorance and unawareness of reality’s nondual nature being the core problem.

A deep transformation of one’s own idea of existence is therefore needed, but developing a new vision of reality would be, rather than a process of “evolution,” a “revolution” for the individual and the whole humanity!




One of the greatest secrets ever is that our vision of reality’s nature and manifestation directly influences our choices, our actions and reactions and consequently our inner state at any moment. How can we change our vision, and to which model, to attain a more meaningful and fulfilling life experience with the recognition of our unique and thus precious role within the unitary process of existence? A clear path and a practical method based on the use of colors are here described for those seeking more freedom, inner peace, and acceptance in their life.


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At the 8th SIAF Italia National Conference a lecture entitled: The importance of the non-dualistic vision to the holistic professional. Abstract: the vision we have of the ultimate nature of reality and our role within it, influences the main issues related to the way we live our life experience. For this reason, being aware of one’s own vision about reality’s fundamental nature is important for every professional who refers to a unitary paradigm and for his or her clients.




The non-dualistic vision

Our vision of reality is the basic idea we have about its nature and manifestation. The most universal vision of reality is the non-dualistic vision, describing reality as being one only and its manifestation unitary. Our vision of reality’s nature and manifestation is important because it influences our own expression and thus our life experience.

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One Self nonduality hub project

The first requirement of any revolution is that it must start from the bottom up. A healthy forest may solely be made up of healthy trees and therefore every collective transformation is a process that each of us has to take personal responsibility for, playing our part to reach a critical mass that can significantly affect the unitary field of which we are all part.

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The path

The difficulty in conciliating our personal experience of the infinite multiplicity of reality’s manifestation with the non-dualistic vision can only be overcome by a clear understanding of reality’s being one only and its being unitary within. Awareness through knowledge is the most effective instrument, as stated in the Vedas and the Jnana Yoga.

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