Nonduality in short

Usually, there is a deep anthropocentricity in our common ideas about reality. Reality existed before humanity’s evolution on planet Earth, and will still exist after our disappearance, and obviously also exists where humans are not present. We must therefore define reality’s nature, or essence, in the most general terms possible, imagining it as a sole system where we are only one of its many composing elements. Even more, we should try to reason about reality as if we did not exist at all, since the fundamental principles concerning its nature and manifestation should apply regardless of our existence or that of anything in particular.

We can affirm that reality simply consists of all that exists, regardless of its form. It follows that “if something exists, then it is real,” and therefore even a “blue spotted purple elephant” is real, in that it exists as a definition, as a mental image and as a discussion topic!

The oneness of existence and the absence of any substantial separation within it are the most recent discoveries of scientific research investigating the natural world. It means that, as regards reality’s nature or essence, there is no actual multiplicity to be brought back to unity, since reality is only one, and with respect to the differentiation in its manifestation, whatever we may consider about it is only one of the infinite ways it occurs.

In short, the non-dualistic vision of reality affirms the following principles:

- its nature is one only, therefore reality is nondual = not two. There is only one reality and therefore the nature or essence of all that exists is the same.

- its manifestation is unitary. Reality is a dynamic ever-changing process preserving at any time the fundamental characteristic of being unitary, therefore not generating any substantial separation between its elements, and as a consequence there is no substantial separation to be brought back to unity.

Actually, we usually consider as certain and evident our state of separation from the rest of the material universe and our fellow humans, but on what basis? Why are we so sure that we are separate from each other and from everything else? Why do we understand different or distant to mean separate? Considering the vibrational nature of reality, the question of distance and contact between any part of it (be it a body or an object) is meaningless. In fact, what we can singularly identify within reality is simply the same energy aggregated at different degrees and there are continuous interactions between what is usually regarded as being different, distant, or isolated parts of reality.

Our firm belief that we actually live in a dual reality and that the dimension of our existence is characterized by separation is therefore primarily a consequence of the combined action of our senses and our cognitive system, which manages our understanding of reality as perceived in our individual experience. Furthermore, our own idiom, attributing specific meanings to words and concepts, also confirms and reinforces the common dualistic vision. As a result, our awareness about reality’s true nature is imbued from its very beginning with inputs affirming the dualistic principle as its main characteristic, reinforcing the idea of a concrete separation between us and what is considered as being different at every level, physical and metaphysical.

Reality is a meta-process made up of infinite sub-processes, each in turn composed of a number of elements connected by a relation or interaction that qualifies and defines it. It is indeed necessary to understand the way such manifestation happens, each of its singular aspects being the result of a single process generated and taking place within it. Understanding nonduality through color is a two-step method based on the use of colors to interpret any aspect of reality coherently with the non-dualistic vision and at the same time train our mind to overcome our belief of all being separate entities within a dual reality.

Nonduality is the inescapable natural condition of all of existence, which is reality. We can expand the range of available experiential options, adding to them the awareness that reality is one only and its manifestation is unitary. To recognize the same nature in all of existence, will also add more freedom to our choices and promote a greater entrustment to the flow of life.