One Self nonduality hub project

We are living in an exciting age where the impressive development of technology offers opportunities hardly imagined just a few years ago. The diffusion of the Internet, the inter-connected system of servers and computers allowing information to be shared and promoting global communication, is influencing the progress of all contemporary societies. However, it does not seem that human beings are evolving in step, since the necessary evolution that can lead to a real change in individuals concerns primarily their vision of reality’s nature and manifestation, which has been fundamentally the same from the time when we first developed our self-consciousness.

A deep transformation of one’s own idea of existence is therefore needed, but developing a new vision of reality would be, rather than a process of “evolution,” a “revolution,” and any revolution has two basic requirements. First, it must start from the bottom up. A healthy forest may solely be made up of healthy trees and therefore every collective transformation is a process that each of us has to take personal responsibility for, playing our part. We should not wait for and count on external events such as cyclical astral influences, realignments of terrestrial energy grids, or similar, but everyone should make their contribution to reach a critical mass that can significantly affect the unitary field of energy and information, of which we are all part.

Furthermore, a revolution must rest on a different vision redefining the very foundations of existence and the role we play in it. The most universal vision, and the farthest from the one we have shared until now, is surely representing reality as being nondual, meaning “one without a second,” i.e. one only, and its manifestation as being unitary, i.e. not producing any form of separation within itself. Such a vision is therefore called the non-dualistic vision.

The One Self nonduality hub project, therefore, aims to increase the general awareness of nonduality, spreading the knowledge of its principles and promoting their assimilation and application in daily life at any level.

This is achieved through the development of nonduality teaching in a contemporary key and the search for new methodologies and techniques for its learning; the offer of courses, retreats, and individual sessions in which to increase the nonduality awareness; the publication of videos and texts.

By influencing the collective consciousness through the diffusion of the understanding of the unitary nature of existence, a coherent structuring of relationships, customs and even institutions will gradually be generated, allowing humanity to overcome traditional ways of thinking and interacting, within itself and with the whole of creation. The awareness of the unity of the whole must therefore pass, reached the necessary critical mass, from theoretical notion to social construct, it influences the social, economic, environmental aspects, at local and global level.

Whatever motivation has led you to read this book, once you have found the answer that the great Renaissance philosopher Nicholas of Cusa called “the ultimate definition defining itself as well as everything else,” let it guide you towards your personal development as if it were the beam of a lighthouse. With a pure heart and an open mind, trust the resonance with your deepest core, aware that the truth about reality’s nondual nature is the only truly universal, and therefore is never excluding but always inclusive.

If this you recognize this mission as yours and you want to contribute to it, here you will find the tools to become one of the actors of its success.

The community

Anyone seeking a greater awareness about reality’s fundamental nature is welcome to the One Self nonduality hub.

The community has the form of a cloud, a field of shared relationships, energies and information from which to draw and to which contribute.

Mutually supporting each other's evolution along a life-long learning path, we jointly pursue the goal of reaching that "critical mass" capable of exerting a sufficient influence on the collective consciousness in a non-dualistic sense.

The community has a home on the web but in a reserved space.