Nonduality awareness path

If you want to:

  • approach the theme of nonduality for the first time;
  • find the answers to the two fundamental questions: "what is reality?" and "who am I?";
  • go deeper into the understanding of the basic principles of nonduality;
  • abandon the old patterns of thought and embrace a new vision of existence;
  • find the way to tarnsform the intellectual understanding of nonduality into a concrete life experience.

I offer individual sessions via Skype in English for an individual, guided and gradual path.

The topics covered will depend on the specific requests and questions put by you.

Each session includes a short meditation, the discussion of a topic and sometimes an excercise taken from the book Understanding nonduality through color.

Each session lasts about 60 minutes and its cost is €50 (VAT included where appliable) to be paid in advance with PayPal.

If you are interested in participating in courses on nonduality in Italy, please contact me for more info.

Some results that you can attain:

- a greater clarity about the true nature of reality;

- a new vision of reality’s manifestation and of our role in it;

- a greater awareness about our dualistic cognitive processes and a greater ability to recognize them in our choices and behavior;

− a greater awareness about our dualistic linguistic patterns and greater ability to recognize them;

- a greater ability to recognize the dualistic conditioning from our culture, religion, tradition, etc.;

- a greater ability to recognize the interactions between all that happens in life;

- a greater awareness of our influence in the various relationship networks we are part of;

- a higher recognition of our unique and precious role within the global unitary process of reality’s manifestation;

- less sense of separation, isolation, abandonment, loss, in certain situations;

- a greater ability to read and interpret social phenomena and events according to the non-dualistic vision;

- more freedom in accepting everything and then choosing what we consider best for us.