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Eugenio Vignali


Our vision of reality, i.e. our basic idea about its fundamental nature or essence and the way it manifests, deeply influences how we express ourselves, and consequently our whole life experience.

A different vision may produce a new attitude towards life in general, allowing a new meaning to its manifestations and our experiences. The non-dualistic vision, describing reality as being one only and its manifestation unitary, is the highest and the sole universal conception of existence.

To embrace such vision it is necessary, first of all, to clearly understand what reality is and how we develop our vision of its nature and manifestation through our cognitive system and our idiom.

A two-step method is then explained to interpret any aspect of reality coherently with the non-dualistic vision and at the same time train our mind to overcome our belief of all being separate entities within a dual reality.

First, the method teaches how to think of reality as a flow of impersonal processes, thus abandoning the identification with our own body-mind and identity, and finding the main connections between each of them to recreate a unitary picture of the manifestation of reality.

Then, the single processes and the whole picture thus obtained are represented using colors and their mixing, so integrating the purely logical and analytical faculties of our minds with the more intuitive and synthesizing ones.




The ultimate result is a greater awareness about reality’s true nature and unitary manifestation, and thus our being part of the same vital flow, with diverse life experiences and a greater recognition of our unique roles.




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